Paddy Over The Moon

Paddy is the places, people and things that I come across during my days that I think are worth sharing.

Based in Australia, this blog follows my local and international travels featuring small towns, big cities and great food.

My hope is that the shared love and insights will lead others to find their own Paddys and share them as well.

I hope you enjoy MY BLOG




Paddy Over the Moon was started in Australia and remains based there today. Throughout the country I have found some of the most breathtaking views I’ve seen and they’ve become some of my favourite places to visit.



I have been lucky enough to travel internationally. Australia is a long way from everywhere so I am grateful every time I go overseas. Some of my fondest memories are from these places I have visited and hope to visit again.



Aside from traveling I have a love of photography that began when I was a lot younger and grows stronger with every day. Here I have compiled some photography that doesn’t particularly belong in any one place yet I wanted to feature on this blog.